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Words of Encouragement

Words of Encouragement

Graduates working in the real world understand that training and education is far more than just passing a few exams and doing the minimum amount of practicum hours. We have collected several success stories of recent graduates, to motivate current and potential applicants about this industry.
IHMC will provide you with all that you need to succeed. Canada is a wonderful country with a wide array of opportunities in the Hospitality Field, and there is a large demand for professionals like you. I would also like to say thank you to IHMC for helping me make my dreams a reality. I wish to each and everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Roman Chernykh, Class of 2010
General Manager, Motel 6 Moosomin, Saskatchewan, Canada

I wish to thank you all for the chances to work with you, I have learned a lot during those years with Imperial Hotel Management College, and I much appreciate the training which paved my way into the industry.
Let me take this opportunity to share my story to all the students and to give them some words of encouragement.
Wayne Tseng, Class of 2008
Marketing Executive for Food & Beverage and Rooms
The Sherwood Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan

I just read the IHMC student blog today and found the repost of the article that I wrote few years back, and I realized that it's been awhile since I last wrote to you. I can't help but smile while I was reading that article. IHMC did teach me a lot about this. Vancouver is definitely not too bad for a suit. Students shouldn't even complain. Try wearing them in Bangkok!

Just to update the school with my current job; I am still working for lebua Hotels and Resorts, but I got promoted in August last year, so my current title is Assistant Sales Manager - Corporate. As a salesperson of a luxury hotel who has to meet the clients on and off property everyday, I have to take the dress code more serious than ever. As an unwritten rule of the hotel, sales can only wear white blouse, black suit, black polished heels, and carry leather bag. I have no complaint as I was well taught from IHMC to understand how important it is to dress appropriately. Thank you very much.
Alyce Tanakitchotikul, Class of 2010
Assistant Sales Manager
lebua Hotels & Resorts, Bangkok, Thailand

I would like to thank you for making me a professional individual. I realized how different things would be if I do not have IHMC and internships from Holiday Inn and Fairmont Hotel Vancouver on my resume. My experience at IHMC was life changing. I would not come to Les Roches if I did not hear about it from IHMC and I would not be confident during the interviews if I did not have hotel work experience in Holiday Inn and Fairmont.

Thank you so much, Susan and Tia. Thank you so much for all the knowledge, experience and life lessons you have given me. I wanted to write this email a long time ago after having my first interview in school. I decided to wait till I get my first job offer so I can share some good news with you. Today, I got my first job offer and I hope there will be more.

Thank you both again. I cannot thank you enough. You opened the first door for me and now it is my time to work hard and explore. I will keep you updated with my job offers (I hope there will be more) and my final decision.
Ivy Lin, Class of 2009
Grand Hyatt Taipei, Taiwan

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