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Ryan P. Vernon,
Project Manager
187 Ballardvale Street, Suite A215, Wilmington, MA 01887
Years’ Experience: 4
Professional Summary:
Mr. Vernon provides technical inspections, analysis, and reports towards the resolution of
insurance claims. Mr. Vernon has been involved with building and systems inspections
for multiple clients across New England and
has experience with microbial, hazardous
materials and asbestos sampling, the use of
thermal infrared photography, building air
quality evaluations specific to moisture and temperature management and building
envelope assessments.
Licenses and Certifications:
Level 1 Certified Infrared Thermographer (CIT)
Microbial Investigator & Remediation
Asbestos Inspector, MA, AI900526
Performance Systems Academy, Multi-family TREAT
Project Experience:
Insurance Claims 2011-Present
Mr. Vernon has provided cause and origin inspections for insurance carriers that include
building envelope evaluations, roof ventilation, water intrusion and moisture and
condensation issues. Investigations included visual inspection, sampling for microbial
contamination, source identific
ation of moisture intrusion, interpretation of results and
remediation recommendations.
Forensic/Engineering Experience - HV
AC and Building Systems Engineering
Mr. Vernon has assisted in engineering diagno
stic investigations of problematic HVAC
systems under the guidance of a licensed pr
ofessional engineer. The investigation
identified and proposed correction of opera
tional procedures, as well as failed
components which caused indoor air quality issues within the office space. Business
office mold cause and origin investigation re
sulting in HVAC modifications was performed
within desired operational parameters while ensuring moisture control.
LEED Compliance, USGBC
Provided building investigations of Indoor Air Quality testing after construction and prior
to occupancy protocols consistent with
the “EPA Compendium of Methods for the
Determination of Air Pollutants” in Indoor Air as detailed in the LEED Reference Guide for
New Construction and Major Renovat
ions Section 3.2, 2009 Edition.
Ryan P. Vernon
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Our partner firms include: Engineeri
ng services in North Carolina and
New York/New Jersey provided by
EFI Global of North Carolina, P.C. and EFI Global
Engineering of New York
, P.C. respectively.
Project Experien
ce (Continued),
Johnson Controls, Lewiston, ME
Mr. Vernon was part of a four person team
of staff professionals to conduct mold
remediation and engineering diagnostic serv
ices of a four-story 160,000 sq ft office
building that was conver
ted from an industrial mill comple
x. EFI’s diagnostic services of
the HVAC system included proper balancing
of moisture, RH and temperature control
and allow the building systems and operations to facilitate such controls through proper
use of existing and newly installed systems an
d followed by site testing to verify the
efficacy of such installations.
As part of EFI’s response in the HVAC duct insulation removal project, EFI conducted
additional carpet dust samples sampling and the fabric office chairs within the building to
test for bacteria.
Acoustic testing was also performed to
monitor the potential noise impact of the
remediation project which entailed the removal of interior duct insulation and replacement
with insulation on the exterior of the duct trunks located in the occupied office spaces.
EFI’s acoustical testing included establishing a baseline for each floor, post-remediation
testing after repair of certai
n identified duct damage, tight
ening of seals and seams and
other HVAC repair to reduce noise, and performi
ng noise testing of installed exterior duct
Agassiz School, Boston, MA 2012
Mr. Vernon assisted with the evaluation of building air flow/balancing which included a
room by room airflow analysis based on
ASHRAE standards, HVAC system diagnostic
for condensation during cooling cycle and thermal imaging/moisture monitoring
evaluation of the building envelope.
City of Haverhill Wastewater Divisi
on, Haverhill, MA July-August, 2012
Responsible for the collection and reporting of airborne parameters and electromagnetic
field testing throughout the Wastewater Tr
eatment Plant. Using time-weighted averages,
parameters included methyl mercaptan,
hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, endotoxins and
electromagnetic field testing to determine Pe
rmissible Exposure Limits established by the
Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and other applicable guidelines.
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, Dartmouth, MA 2012
Conducted gravimetric vacuum filter testing
throughout representative sites in the UMD
Carney Library post construction. Visual
inspection and photographs were part of the
evaluation and reporting proc
ess. The testing and inspection was intended to evaluate
the cleanliness of the ducts in accordance with the NADCA ACR 2006 Standard.
United States Border Patrol Stations, West Berkshire & Highgate Springs, VT 2012
United States Border Patrol St
ations, Hodgdon & Orient, ME 2012
Conducted inspections of the potable water
filtration and water treatment systems and
offered recommendations for improvements at two Border Patrol Stations.
Fort Devens Salerno Housing Development, Weston & Sampson Engineers
Devens, MA
EFI provided asbestos inspections, design
and abatement monitoring services for this
project funded by MassDevelopment; it was a publicly bid abatement and demolition
project. This large housing complex consisted of 70 buildings with 6 to 8 apartments per
building, requiring a team of 4 EFI in
spectors to perform the inspections.

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